Various Artists – Future Works (Natural Sciences)

They’re only two releases deep, but Natural Sciences have already built a full head of steam. A critically acclaimed split EP from Deepspace and Aquarium turned quite a few heads and now the label is rewarding fans for their support with a 10-track compilation of “busted mutant electro, African tape edits and warbled cave projections”. A limited cassette should also be out soon for all the tape fanatics.


LNS – Minas

Normal service from the 1080p camp as the Vancouver label give away a track from an upcoming cassette. A luminous electro number entitled ‘Minas’, we can hear echoes of the intelligent techno and electro that was prevalent during the early ’90s throughout.


L-Vis 1990 Presents Dance System – Lets Go!

Here’s the straight-up jacking sort of affair we’ve come to expect from L-Vis 1990’s Dance System alias, up for a free download to celebrate the Night Slugs bringing his live show to London for the first time.


Jan Hammer – No Fear (Barnaby Bruce rework)

Balearic propagator and Palms & Charms boss Barnaby Bruce puts his stamp on a psychedelic piece of music from Miami Vice theme composer, Jan Hammer. The end result? A percussive and immersive roller, imbued with a strong Balearic breeze. Sounds good, no?


Earth Boys – Jungles Of Cameroon

The 1080p debutants made some strong first impressions their idyllic, new age-influenced house constructions, but jungle rollers complete with stunning synth washes also appear to be in their repertoire.


Sacha Mambo – Edit Service 64

We’re not the only people providing a fortnightly supplement of free music. Betwen serving up releases from the likes of Red Axes and Moscoman, I’m a Cliché run a regular series of free edits from producers within their inner circle. The latest off the ‘Edit Service’ production line is a strutting workout from the Macadam Mambo head honcho, but we also recommend going back and checking past offerings.

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