Ukrainian electro, humidifier boogie-house, Baltimore club and much more…

Blair Sound Design – Rain Shower (6AM Mix)

We’re getting an air of Mood Hut from the synth horns on this free boogie-house cut by Florida’s Blair Sound Design. Probably time to pull out the footspa, whack on the humidifier, light some incense and roll a percy.


Epileptic Beatz – Nash Hip-Hap (Youngg P Re-Ape)

Ever wondered how classic Bronx-style electro might sound if it were made by Ukrainians? Well your prayers have been answered.


DANNN – Ride On Out

Club ordnance straight out of the Chicago area as Daniel Brookman AKA DANNN serves up his own take on the Baltimore club sound for Trax Couture.


Aquarium – Airy

Breathy and aerated, Japanese-based producer Aquarium leads listeners through the cavernous water world he inhabits with his latest free download. If you’re digging this then be sure to check out his upcoming release on X-Kalay sub-label Silver Lake (watch this space).


S. Channel – Rhodes et Gros Kiki

With his first full solo release on the near horizon, French producer S. Channel has decided to whet a few appetites with a dusty rhodes workout. He’s no stranger to a free download either so be sure to check out what else he has to offer.


Animal Holocaust – Gelser’s Syndrom

Brutal, mechanised techno complete with blood-curdling textures and otherworldly ambience from Tutamen regular Animal Holocaust. If this doesn’t give you chills, nothing will.

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