EBM edits, face-melting acid, halftime jungle and much more…

Kris Baha – Opium Edit

Edit maestro and Power Station co-founder Kris Baha rolled out this stripped-back EBM edit as a free download ahead of playing the Opium Club in Vilnius, Lithuania, last Friday. Putting the scalpel to a rare cut from South London band Portion Control, it’s another keeper from the Melbourne native.


Innershades – TB-03 TEST

If you’re into your acid you’ll have heard of Roland’s iconic bass synthesiser, the TB-303. Pretty much as rare as they come, Roland marked their 909 Day (September 9th) celebrations by announcing that they will reissue both the 303 and equally sought-after TR-909. Quite partial to a gurgling acid line, Creme Organization mainstay Innershades has put the updated and rebranded TB-03 to the test, laying down a simmering 303 pattern for this absolute face-melter.


Hard Ton – Queer Nation (Younger Than Me Tropical Disco Remix) [via Les Yeux Orange]

A little known Milanese duo going by the name Younger Than Me have been put on remix duties for the latest Luv Shack Records release. Served up as a free download via Les Yeux Orange, they plunge Hard Ton‘s original into tropical waters, swapping the brooding acid lines for some playful marimba and slamming 80s drums.


S. Channel – Strings in Calais

Despite regularly giving music away for free, S. Channel has wandered out of his comfort zone on the latest offering. Trying his hand at a bit of jungle, the French producer’s moody breakbeat patterns are strung out, delivered in halftime and bathed in the otherworldly ambience of his tender synth strings.


Willis Anne – Cognition

French analogue enthusiast Willis Anne is treating fans with an excellent free download, reworking a track from a certain famous French duo (hint: the photo featured is a rare shot of them unmasked).

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