Blistering acid, mid-’90s ambient, a space age Italo edit and much more…

Cherushii – Cabo Blanco

Watching the events of last weekend’s warehouse fire in Oakland, California, unfold was nothing short of heartbreaking. One of the victims, 100% Silk artist Chelsea Faith Dolan AKA Cherushii, had earned a reputation as a purveyor of dreamy, sweeping house music and having contributed to the New Information‘s Styles for Relaxation cassette last month, this seemed like a fitting way to pay tribute. The undulating textures were emotive enough already, but listening now the track feels particularly poignant: a soaring, synth-driven lament for those who passed that tragic evening.

Get the full album here.


Eros – Resta La Musica (Hysteric Edit)

Mothball Record‘s Hysteric gets on the cut and paste, giving an oddball slice of vocoder-driven Italo quite a drastic makeover, putting on the handbrake and transforming it into a half-speed, space age groover.


Andreas Gehm – Cosmic Interrail

Now available as a free digital download, the Pukemaster General inaugurated Schrödinger’s Box with a blistering and abrasive 5-tracker back in 2015. Brimming with harsh analogue rhythms and typically hair-raising electronics, vinyl enthusiasts can still grip the wax from most reliable outlets.


外神田deepspace – Shinjuku Stasis (Aquarium’s Rainy Redub)

With his dual aliases,  Aquarium (AKA 外神田deepspace) can explore the same palettes and textures through two different lenses. Where 外神田deepspace productions lay Detroit-tinged electronics over strapping kick drums and full-bodied, rounded bass tones, the Aquarium material is as inward-looking as it is expansive. Strung out, dubbed out and sun-bleached, the Japanese artist approaches a track from his recent Coastal Haze release from a different perspective.


Astral Engineering – Chronoglide

From cassette to CD and now digital download, Chronoglide only needs a vinyl release to complete the set. In a classic example of mid-’90s ambient music, Simon Rees‘ sound is a staging ground for experimental electronics where ambient, dub, techno and drone coalesce in captivating fashion.

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