Ethereal breaks, soupy chuggers, a heady dose of Middle Eastern mysticism and much more…

Lanark Artefax – Touch Absence (Intimidating Stillness Mix) / Glasz

Coinciding with an outstanding debut for Nic Tasker’s Whities imprint, Lanark Artefax participated in an interview with Resident Advisor. It’s a great read, but doubly worth your attention seeing as it came paired with a couple of freebies: namely, the title track from an experimental, grime-focused 12″ on UIQ and an ‘Intimidating Stillness Mix’ of the opener from that aforementioned Whities release, originally found on a very limited white label sold at the South London Record Fair in 2016. Essential.

[Follow link above to download]


Kris Baha Relapse 83′ (@ 33)

Power Station co-owner Kris Baha offers up the ’33 version’ of the A2 from his second Bahnsteig 23 release, slowing things down to a dense, lurching rhythm. Chug for the tanzen.


Machine Woman – Practise Voice

Nottingham-based avant-gardist Anastasia Vtorova AKA Machine Woman has released noise-infected, abstract arrangements on Sacred Tapes and minimal techno on Where To Now!, but here we find her administering a transportive and amorphous “experiment” built around ethereal spoken vocals.


Karl Biscuit – Fables Prehistoriques / Pteroglyphe (Sneaker Edit)

Edit maestro Sneaker steps up for Lithuanian venue Kultūros baras Kablys, reworking a piece of music “drawn from soundtracks” composed and recorded for use in the “Nouvelle Danse” ballet scene. Middle Eastern mysticism channeled through Karl Biscuits loping timbres.


Marshall Jefferson – Mu$hrøøms (UHB’$ Jus†ín Gla∫∫hõusé €dí†)

“Cult Leading since 2Ø21,” Vienna’s Oall Hates mutates a spiritual and emotionally-charged Marshall Jefferson cut from ’98 into a dubby techno workout.


The Hypnotist – Pioneers Of The Universe (Solitary Dancer Edit)

A mysterious producer going by the name Solitary Dancer pays tribute to the late Casper Pound, putting his own spin on a classic slice of trance/techno crossover by The Hypnotist, Pound’s production alias alongside Peter Smith.

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