Rolling, monstrous techno, a treasure trove of Italo WAVs, surreal psychedelia and much more…

Mothball Record – Music files for our friends and DJs

A whole batch of those sweet, sweet WAVs from Hysteric‘s “Italo disco connection Down Under,” Mothball Record. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but if we had to it would probably be that ‘Scratch In The Night’ edit of The D. Light’s Discomagic classic.

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John Barera & Paul Morse – Pantheon

Synth-laden, melodic techno courtesy of Physical Therapy’s ever-consistent Allergy Season label. John Barera and Paul Morse supply three originals, while Delft head honcho LA-4A and DJ Shiva (under her newly acquired Noncompliant moniker) get on the remix duties respectively, delivering a pair of floor-ready electro heaters.

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I’m a Cliché Edit Service 80 – Jonathan

I’m a Cliché‘s free edit series comes correct once again, offering up a cut’n’paste job the mysterious Jonathan did on a track from psychedelic surrealists, Silver Apples.


S. Channel – Gritty Juicy Jam

Taking his cues from the modern day heroes of Detroit dance music, Parisian producer S. Channel lays down smoky atmospheres over some strapping drum patterns à la Theo Parrish.


Jamal Amir / Cool Anna – Wrist Deep in that Jar of Honey

Dense, rolling techno with a monstrous touch, straight outta the Temporal Cast camp. Ominous stuff furnished with cascading drums, jagged, zigzagging bass synths and a healthy dose of cowbell.

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