303-riddled new beat, severe techno, life-affirming piano house and plenty more…

AGT Rave Cru Edits 

If you follow our Acid House Corner column or just really like 303s in general, you’re probably familiar with Posthuman and I Love Acid founder Josh Doherty. Well, he’s giving away a bunch of tracks from his now defunct and (self-described) “daft old-skool mashup DJ thing,” AGT Rave Cru. Download the files here.


In Flagranti – When Did The Affair End (Tony Chocoloney Edit)

In Flagranti get on the cut and paste to rework a balmy little number from Melbourne’s Tony Chocoloney.


Parris Mitchell Project ‘All Night Long’ (Girls of the Internet live edit)

Girls Of the Internet serve up an edit of ‘All Night Long’, the life-affirming piano house cut from Dance Mania’s Parris Mitchell. Download the track via XLR8R.


MAN2.0 Edit – Again

London’s Mark Bailey, AKA MAN2.0, is back with another edit from for the Nein Records crew, taking on Zsa Zsa La Boum’s 303-riddled new beat track from ’89, ‘Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas’.


Yetta – Beetham Tower Power Out

“Corrupted reworking of the Beetham Tower howls heard around the city as the steel bends to the elements. It’s true Manchester industrial music. Let the steel talk.”

Severe techno straight out of Ballarat, Australia. It’s available as a free download on the Natural Sciences Soundcloud, courtesy of little-known producer Yetta.

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