Motorik edits, conceptual soundtracks, warehouse-ready bootlegs and a few other treats…

Edit Service 73 – by Kris Baha

Power Station co-owner and musical polymath Kris Baha delivers the latest I’m a Cliché edit, fully-equipped with motorik propulsion and rubberised bass.


MaxxxBass – The Malays Journey

A conceptual soundtrack from the other half of L.I.E.S. duo KWC 92 (alongside Samo DJ), based on Thomas De Quincey’s drug-addled autobiography, Confessions of an English Opium-Eater.

(Follow the link above to download the full soundtrack) 


SAKI – When U Outside Da Club Cuz U 2 Young 2 Get In…

Serving as a “taster of things to come”, Natural Sciences give away a bit of dancefloor ordnance, courtesy of Florida-based artist, SAKI.

“It’s a rave bootleg recorded through concrete slabs after getting ditched with your brothers fake I.D at the door. Punching it through the back of a ford Escort for the way home, it’s euphoric pads and haunting Chicago meeting a wave of phantom static in the wind tunnel.”


You’re Me – Applet W.

1080p welcome a new Vancouver-based duo into the fold, offering up a dense ambient soundscape as we wait eagerly for the full release.


Mr Beatnick – Oceanic Funk

Mr Beatnick is best known for house and techno releases on labels like Don’t Be Afraid and Tief, but hip hop was his first calling. As reminder of what once was, the skilled beat-maker has offered up an old edit “from the archives.”

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