Baltimore club, blissed-out ambient, a Japanese synth-pop edit and plenty more…

Odete & DRVGジラ – Lake Verity

Portuguese duo Odete and DRVGジラ combine angular rhythmic structures and caustic bass for a fiercely forward-facing workout.


RYKT – Shibuya Requiem

One from the archives, specifically 3 years ago when Tokyo-based producer RYKT gave his own, darker take on the Baltimore club sound.


yma – sunset

Quantum Natives recently shared an extended transmission of blissed-out ambience courtesy of California’s yma. Get it here.


Kilig – To Make You Feel Something (Thomas Ragsdale Remix)

Soundtracking The Void boss Thomas Ragsdale ditches the breaks to usher Kilig‘s heartfelt track into deeper, introspective territory.


Hidemi Ishikawa – Love Comes Quickly (Sibson’s Love Comes Slowly Edit)

Mikey Sibson of London party Elevator East gears Hidemi Ishikawa’s Japanese synth-pop for the dancefloor. Get it here.

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