The Leaf Label will release Virgroux and Bourne’s revisiting of the seminal Kraftwerk album, Radio-Activity.

The word “timeless” gets thrown around with reckless abandon, but if there was ever a band it applied to, it would probably be Kraftwerk. Have you ever wondered what the world would sound like if the iconic krautrock band never existed? We have, and it didn’t seem too appealing. Best known as a significant precursor to electronic dance and pop music, their influence in undeniable with a fanbase still growing after nearly half a century.

This year marks the 4oth anniversary of their fifth studio album and the Anglo-French alliance of Franck Vigroux and Matthew Bourne have paid tribute by covering 1985’s Radio-Activity in its entirety. Vigroux and Bourne actually toured their reimagining as a live show alongside installation artist Antoine Schmitt, but the arrangements – composed with an assortment of analogue and digital instruments – are evocative enough without the visual accompaniment.

The release will be fairly limited, although in vinyl format it comes with a hardback book featuring liner notes from Future Days author, David Stubbs (for the CD notes are featured on a deluxe gatefold sleeve).

Set for release on The Leaf Label, Radioland: Radio​-​Activity Revisited is out in digital on December 4th and physical December 9th. To pre-order head here.


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