Disco Halal has defined itself as a frontier pushing record label since its inception just a few short years ago. It’s label owner, Moscoman, has expertly spliced cuttings from his native Tel Aviv and sounds from his adopted home in Berlin, with the unique musical identities of collaborators the world over.

The label has since grown into a menagerie of exotic flora with one proud botanist at its helm, with 2019 is shaping up to be another stand out year. Kicking off with a new EP from the main man and frequent associate The Organism, we caught up with Moscoman ahead of its release, in a bonsai sort of mood…

First off, could you give a brief description of where you’re sat right now, your general surroundings and the circumstances that have lead to you being sat here right now?

I took my computer to a Jazz cafe here in Tokyo, one of many treasure islands of pure sounds and good drinks. I’m in Tokyo for the duration of January, exploring.

What was your highlight of 2018? If you had to sum up the year in 3 words or less, what would they be?

Changes and rearranges.

‘Rite EP’ sees you teaming up with The Organism. How did this partnership first start out?  

I received a few demos from him, then I decided to release his track ‘Reflection’ which rightly turned out to be a massive hit. Afterwards we started sending music back and forward, same with some open projects we both had, and work remotely on tunes, he’s a cool guy, with a great and inspiring sound.

Do you feel like these tracks take life and inform each other or do these tracks work together because they’re the product of a special partnership?  

I don’t know about that, I just know I really enjoyed the process and I feel we got good results.

What were your thoughts and feelings on collaborating in this way before you started on this release? Have they changed now that the project is finished?  

Collabs can be fun if people are in the same state of mind, which is exactly what happened with Roman (The Organism).

This record sounds like it’s pitched perfectly for a club environment. Is there a particular dance floor (fictional/real) you had in mind when you were recording these songs? Whats the ideal place to be hearing this record?

I think it’s a very on point and upcoming sound, but with a definite sense of nostalgia. In my head I had the parties I used to DJ and party at as a kid, big outdoor trance events in Israel. This time around it has a fresher sound and lower BPM, and it fits closed indoor spaces really well.

Does your time spent DJing inform your approach to producing? In what ways does it / why do you choose to keep the two separate if not the case?  

When you DJ regularly it helps to see what works and what doesn’t – either when people send you tracks and you help them make it more dancefloor compatible, or even when you are a producer it can give you another edge to and informs what really can turn a dancefloor on its head.

How do you feel about reissues and where they might sit amongst Disco Halal’s releases to date?

I used to be obsessed, now it’s really difficult, most of the artists are already doing it by themselves. I got lucky with TCP at the time – hopefully we’ll work on some more stuff soon. It’s about releasing what you hold dearly, and not just playing a reissue game, at the end Disco Halal is a label for the artists, mostly unknown (until we release them, hopefully!) and super talented.

Do you honestly listen to everything that gets sent to you? Any gems? Anything you’ve overlooked only to realise you slept on something worthy of a release?

I do. So far theres nothing I overlooked really, it just takes time to release, and the people that send me the demos need to realise it, especially if they are looking to have their releases on vinyl. So do send me music, but please be patient!

What was the release of 2018 that never left the bag? What track is gearing up to be the same for 2019?

You started off DJing in Tel Aviv and now perform in venues all around the world. Are there any noticeable shifts and changes in crowds and attitudes you have noticed in this time?

People are more open, and there’s no more underground I guess, but actually parties are way more fun now. It’s less a members only kinda thing, everybody can feel a part, it’s like rock shows in the ’80s/’90s I guess.

2018 saw the label expand its frontiers with a release form Yoshinori Hayashi. Which corner of the world are you expanding into next?

I don’t know if theres more places to go to! But we’ll try to find some hidden gems regardless of their origin.

As these frontiers continue to expand and grow, does Disco Halal’s identity change with the expansion?

Halal is and always will be a label of music I love from people I believe in.

Can you expand on ‘Disco Halal is the cosmic vibration of forever unity’?

We love everyone the same.

Rite is out February 1st on Disco Halal – pre-order the vinyl here.

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