Paying genre no mind, Elena Colombi is always inclined to throw up a curveball. To call her an adventurous DJ would be putting it lightly. An extensive mining of ’80s DIY music and uncompromising nature brought the Italian expat to the attention of veritable institutions like NTS, and later on, Dekmantel. Establishing her place as one of the former’s standout hosts, Colombi’s monthly broadcasts aim “to keep Mondays weird,” charging through EBM, wave, post-punk, industrial, techno, acid and bleep; a meeting point for taught aggression and shadowy vistas.

Equally comfortable flying solo or back-to-back with the likes of Jon K or Interstellar Funk, the NTS host is arguably the most intriguing of all Field Maneuvers residents. Far-reaching and rarely planned, an Elena Colombi set will keep you guessing, and given this, we’ve taken the opportunity to see what she might bring to the UK festival later this summer.

Field Maneuvers takes place in a secret location from 31st August–2nd September – find out more and book tickets here.

The first track that springs to mind when you think ‘dirty little rave’?

Quality early 90s Belgian techno on R&S, courtesy of Marcos Salon. I found myself dusting off more and more of these dirty cheap records lately… so good!

The record that defines your formative raving years?

Tough choice between this and “Disco Rout” by Legowelt. Both timeless and amazing at any speed.

The record that never leaves your bag?

A classic Abattoir track. Today I’ve picked the club mix but I’m really into the other mixes as well. The reversed mix is another favourite of mine for example . Oh, I opened my set at Field Maneuvers with it last year actually!

The last record you bought?

The very last purchase is a cassette, does this count? Alessandro Bosetti – Coaxial – part of the voice tape series on Antifrost. It seems the package got lost in the post, so I’m trying to find out where it is!!

The record you’ve been playing that begs for a rewind?

Okay… I have never done a rewind, but if there was a track and a place that demanded one it would have been this, during my set on the UFO stage at Dekmantel in Brazil, back in March.

Go-to record to save a dancefloor?

I am not someone who tries to save a dance floor! Instead I’ll try and take a brand new direction, push and stimulate the crowd with new, challenging rhythms. Something like this:

Best/most annoying request you’ve received from a punter?

Do people still do requests? Naa. You’re joking, right?

You’re booked to close a large festival stage to a crowd of 5000. What do you finish on?

Ahh, Doris… one of the best ever for me. With this selection I’d like to make a wish: If anyone out there is getting close to finishing a time machine I would like to put myself forward for some testing, try to go back to 1982 and see Doris perform!

Same question, but to a crowd of 250.

Same answer!

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