Gilbert Cohen aka Gilb’R is no stranger to music of Arabic origin. Whether it’s through Versatile Records artists Acid Arab or his own productions, much of what the Parisian touches is shrouded in Middle Eastern mysticism. In an effort to celebrate the rich cultural tapestry of Jordanian music, he even travelled to Jordan to work alongside indigenous traditional musicians and regular Acid Arab conspirator, Shadi Khries. Kept under wraps for some time, this highly-anticipated collaboration will finally see the light of day, released on Versatile under the alias King Ghazi.

A percussive workout from DJ Sotofett was whetting appetites back in December, but Gilb’R’s trance-inducing ‘SimpleTone Mix’ of ‘Houran’ serves as our first proper introduction. It’s a fascinating project – Gilb’R and Khries’ deft synthesis of Jordanian music and contemporary electronic production leading us through a myriad of exotic rhythms and sounds as they strive to capture some of that Bedouin magic. Makes you want to sell all your worldly possessions and wander the desert.

Houran & Shamaleh is out on May 6th, accompanied by remixes from I:Cube and DJ Sotofett – pre-order in both digital and vinyl format direct from the label.

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