Howie Lee crafts a distinctive alloy of club hybridism and traditional Asian instrumentation on his Maloca Records debut. Like the imagined soundtrack to Gu-Long’s Seven Weapons anthology, 7 Weapon Series re-contextualises a vast array of samples, from Tibetan chanting to Middle-Eastern zurna. Though the Do Hits founder and SVBKVLT artist is quoted to have taken inspiration from hip hop and cyberpunk, it’s an innovative approach to sampling traditional music that underpins his overarching sound.

Providing a seemingly endless source of material, Lee’s approach to sampling proves fertile territory from which to plunder. To emphasise this further, he’s taken a moment to run through several examples of traditional music from his native China.

1. Beijing Zhihua Temple Music

Beijing Zhihua Temple music is northern China’s monk music , inherited more than 750 years .

2. Cantonese Music – Beautiful moon with fleeting cloud

My childhood time has full-filled with sounds like this , when I was wondering if gods are hidden behind clouds on the sky.

3. Hajajim Uyghur Music

I’ve got great influence from my summer time in Xinjiang when I grow up , I couldn’t describe how Uyghur music to me has such a miracle effect. Those are so different from anything I’ve heard from central China.

4. Northwest Puppet Theater Music

Those are so punk-ish! I re-discovered some of those puppet theater music recently and found out those are so much like hardcore-noise stuff. They would smash the cymbals . 

5. Hua’er Love Songs

On the wild and empty mountains. People sing to express their love. Their singing is rough but full of tone-changing , it’s fascinating .

6. Guo Yazhi – 山乡春

The Suona Master blow this instrument like no other. The tone has so much to say.

7. DunHuang Scores from Mogao Caves

Probably one of the oldest music score found in Chinese history. From incredible Buddhist holy land , Dun Huang Mogao caves.

8. Taoist Music – Nan Qing Gong

Taoist music is like walking on the cloud. It is more like operating the “Qi” rather than performing a musical instrument.

9. Tibetan Morning Chant

Chanting is to open up your awareness. The chanting is both from inside and outside. I dream of Tibet all the time , for all the holiness from the masters.

10. Lao Dan Flute – Doppelganger & Immateriatily

This one is not so much traditional but rather modern. Although it’s from a Chinese flute which almost keeping the design for all time long.

7 Weapon Series is out now on Maloca Records | Buy it here

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