Starting December, Huntleys + Palmers boss Auntie Flo will host a show on Rinse show every second Wednesday of the month.

As of December 10th, London’s airwaves will be taken over by the Scottish label, with a show set to feature plenty of exclusive plays and guest mixes.

As Rinse plan their schedule for 2015, part of the new year shake-up includes welcoming a show covering areas that haven’t really been touched on before by the station’s programming. Usually focused on broadcasting music that is UK-centric in nature, Rinse FM have enlisted the services of a label and host quite partial to rhythms that reference some of the further-flung reaches of the world.

As his RA bio states, the guy known by friends and family as Brian d’Souza “offers a gateway to lesser-known strands of music that need exploring”. When you consider that alongside the globetrotting style that pervades Auntie Flo’s work as a DJ, producer and label curator, it’s probably safe to assume that listeners will be in for a bit of an education.

The first guest mixes will come from Axel Boman and Wolf Müller, who are both playing the H+P 7th birthday in Glasgow next month, so swing by if you’re in town.

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