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Hysteric live at Mothball Record vs Dancing Therapy

2 hours from Melbourne’s foremost Italo conisseur and Mothball Record founder, Hysteric, recorded at a Dancing Therapy party earlier this month.


Lullabies For Insomniacs 30 w/ Tako

Red Light Records co-founder Tako explores the cosmic reaches of his record collection for a recent Lullabies for Insomniacs takeover on Red Light Radio.


GravityGraffitiMix#33: Møzaika

Møzaika, AKA the artist formerly known as Selvy, gracing the Gravity Graffiti mix series with a killer selection of oddities and curiosities.


Stamp The Wax Self-Portrait: Childsplay

London-based misfits Childsplay encourage listeners to ‘be more childish’ with a playful, sleazy blend of unreleased material for Stamp The Wax.


DISCWOMAN 47 x Ifeoluwa

A deeply personal contribution to the Discwoman mix series from Bristol-based DJ and founder of the Intervention workshops, Ifeoluwa.

“DJing has always been really personal to me – each set is different and represents exactly where my head is at. I’ve been going the maddest time in my life, facing serious legal consequences for calling out an ex partner who is also in music and being pushed out of a city I grew to love. Most days I feel either disillusioned or frustrated / wanting to give up completely when you b2b that with major depression and anxiety, it’s super super peak. When I was younger, I used to play guitar and sing / scream in an emo band. I’ve tried to channel different aspects of my personality into this mix, there’s post trance, club traxs, angry wifey riddims and 00s pop edits but also really aggressive clanging heaters – it’s pretty much what the inside of my head sounds like.”

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