Self-described as the “Italo Connection Down Under,” Mothball Record have been releasing sought-after classics like Plustwo’s Melody / Stop Fantasy 12″ under the guidance of label owner George Hysteric. The Melbourne native has also been partial to rolling out the occasional retrospective release, regularly equipping them with edits from himself and fellow Italo connoisseur, Flemming Dalum. Away from Mothball, and Hysteric re-edits have found their way onto esteemed labels like Public Possession and Bordello A Parigi, with another sterling effort out on Fuego International this week.

His releases and label curation may be rooted in the world of Italo, but George’s record collection is as vast as it is eclectic. Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of ’80s synthesiser music and dancefloor oddities, elements of Hi-NRG and synth-pop feature heavily in his mixes. Library music happens to be yet another area of expertise, so following the positive reception to a library-focused edition of our Channel Surfing feature, we asked George if he would mind taking a moment from an Autumn tour of Europe, the UK and Israel to pick 12 tracks of his own.

1. The Blue Wing Console ‎– Figments

Composed by the prolific Simon Park, this tense electronic composition was used as a scoring track for “Dawn of the Dead” but never appeared on the official soundtrack. Hard to believe this is dating from 1976.

2. J.C. Pierric ‎– Mind for Sea

Peaceful track for lying on the beach, the album from which this is taken is solid all the way through and highly recommended.

3. Marcello Giombini ‎– Computer Disco 1

Giombini is one of my favourite electronic Library and Soundtrack musicians, though unfortunately much of his best work is confined to Z-grade (but fascinating) grindhouse movies such as Antropophagus and Le Notti Erotiche Dei Morti Viventi. His most well-known track nowadays is probably the proto acid house ‘Gemini’ from the zodiac-themed Astromusic Synthesizer LP. This one: ‘Computer Disco 1’ is a fragile and melancholic composition in a disco style with the maestro’s trademark unusual elements.

4. P. Wilsher & K. Chesher / J. Hawksworth ‎– Mystery & Imagination (Fugue)

Something like an interpretation of Bach piece, which ends up being the ultimate “haunted house” theme. Essential for Halloween parties!

5. Giampiero Boneschi And His Electronic Instruments ‎– Single Track

Bubbly and effervescent ARP2600 noodlings.

6. Daniel Wescott ‎– Gold Calf Dance

Obscure bible-themed LP from a Yan Tregger pseudonym.

7. Garnegy & Maties ‎– Musculation 

Pulsating “therapeutic” music for physical exercise, this one seems timed for pumping iron (*not from personal experience).

8. Daniele Patucchi ‎– Il Paese Del Sesso Selvaggio

Patucchi did so much great music, I could have probably filled a list just with his soundtrack work… This LP on cult library label CAM compiles some of his best work in the early/mid 70s, including Men of the Sea and this one from cannibal shocker Man from Deep River.

9. Walt Rockman ‎– Dying Fauna

Dark, discordant and gloom-filled tracks, with an appropriately nightmarish sleeve.

10. Giovanni Cristiani ‎– Dancing For Diletta

Beautiful and truly hypnotic track using only percussion instruments. Looks like the artist only did this record and an obscure Lucio Fulci soundtrack some years later…

11. J.C. Pierric ‎– Remorse Ful

Sleazy late night whiskey drinking music, playing from a near-empty bar overlooking the city.

12. Johnny Moggi Quintet ‎– Soft Melody

Both this track [by the from the prolific Piero Umiliani] and the record sleeve make me think of low budget middle ages/sword and sandal exploitation movies. This track would play when the hero is being fed grapes by his nubile servants, probably while lying on a sabre-tooth tiger floor covering.

Hysteric’s autumn tour is already underway but the remaining dates are listed below.


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