Now well-established, Dutch label Pinkman have joined forces with the Zurich-based Lux Rec imprint for an ensnaring 12” EP. Entitled The Rosa Luxemburg Files, it’s a split effort guaranteed to leave listeners of a leftfield bent satisfied to say the least.

Ian Martin, an artist and DJ based in Rotterdam, steps up for the Pinkman-curated A-side with first cut ‘Mirage’. Employing some very sombre tones, the downcast mood is embellished by the addition of further sonic tools: haunting synth lines are combined with eerie instrumentation and an infectious sense of rhythm to heighten the generally gloomy atmosphere. ‘Synthetic Liberation’ furthers this spooky yet enticing sense of mood, with its driving bassline, seemingly rewound melodies and palpable sense of sonic journey that only the best electro can produce. In terms of its execution there seems to be a hybrid of genres at work here, although Martin’s passion for the aforementioned school of electronic music is undeniable.

Barbir and Nicola Kazimir take control of the flip, starting with the slowly evolving ‘Electronische Sequenz Prolet’. In keeping with the previous two tracks, the FX-laden vocals will once again remind listeners of adventures in experimental electronics. At its essence, however, it boils down to an extremely simplistic, addictive and enjoyable refrain that disappears and re-emerges at its own will. Living up to its name (German for ‘noise’), ‘Geräusch’ introduces abrasive breaks and pulverising low-end bass stabs that persist throughout its brief yet entirely memorable existence.

With a title inspired by the revolutionary philosopher and Marxist theorist Rosa Luxemburg, it’s evident these producers and labels admire those who think outside the box – it’s great to see that they have also implemented this love of free-thinking into their music.

The Rosa Luxemburg Files is out soon – pre-order the vinyl here.

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