Matt infiltrated the Noods airwaves to play new music from Muscut, Spring Theory, Growing Bin Records, Chez Emile Records, YOUTH, Kalahari Oyster Cult, Public Possession, Rhythm Section, Motion Ward, Whities, PRR! PRR! and High Digital.


Nikolaienko Meets Arthur Mine – Troglodytes
Bryce Hackford – Zajal
Lilipulu – B1
Jean-Luc – Bie Blaue Orange Pressen
Rainstick – Heavens Gate
Hame DJ – Erosion
Yutie Lee – Flower Protocol (Oceanic Remix)
Sleep D – Hydralite
Exael & Arad Acid – Upward Spiral
JASSS – We Solve This Talking
??? – ???
Christoph de Babalons – Webs Of Wraith
Hajj: Pour Mes Kheys
Security – Pterodactyl

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