Matt was soundtracking Friday afternoon procrastinations on Noods Radio the other day.

Listen back to hear new music from Efficient Space, Unsound, Petrola 80, Genot Centre, Xquisite Releases, Discos Extendes, Research Records, SVBKVLT, Illegal Data, Bokeh Versions, YOUTH, Phase Group, Transmigration and Love On The Rocks.


Traclist: YL Hooi – Straight Thru
33EMYBW – The Room
Piag3t & Tristan – Curved Spring
QOW – Dawafer
oxhy – claps ft.Dæmon
Katatonic Silencio – Pow Snake
Rabu Mazda – Mago Mazda
Big Yawn – Body Double (Jay Glass Dubs Refix)
Osheyack & Nahash – Club Apathy
ccontrary – Gasp
Mars89 – New Dawn
Sockethead – I’m Here
Carcass Identity – Spiraling Paradigm
Projective Vision – Apocalypse
Peyote Dreams – State Of Mind (Slack Mix)

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