We were back on Noods earlier this month for another genre-hopping deep dive, playing music recently featured on the site alongside other new bits we’ve had on regular rotation.

Fourth World ambient, Belgian exotica and menacing EBM to mutant kuduro, kaleidoscopic IDM and Detroit-leaning 150 BPM techno, listen back to hear music from labels like Craigie Knowes, Youth, STROOM, Soda Gong, A Colourful Storm, Incienso and NYX.


SJ Tequilla – The Day After
Ssiege – Delete Instagram
Benjamin Lew – Dans Les Jardins
DWART – Mate
Sam Mallet – 40 Day Desert Voodoo
Cru Servers – Henge Salt Phrasal
Boreal Massif – Low Forties
Mars89 – TX-55
Only Now – Mutants
Flaty – Init Ignit
Ronan – Crystal Viewer
Klon Dump – Do The Dump
Sleep D – Central
Ex-Terrestrial – Current Location
NYX – Void
Electronic Eye – Datacrime

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