The namesake of a medieval phenomenon that mainly occurred in mainland Europe, Tanzwuth, or ‘dancing mania’, seems like a fitting alias for this West London duo. Occurring throughout the centuries, these epidemics would involve groups of people congregating, sometimes in their thousands, to dance in a wild frenzy without any musical accompaniment or logical explanation. Possibly the result of mass hysteria, historians and behavioural psychologists have been left scratching their heads, but recent evidence suggests they might have just been listening to some blistering electro.

High-octane and tumultuous, the Tanzwuth lads have outdone themselves with the tenth instalment in our podcast series. Submerging eardrums in a sea of frothing Nordic ambience, the opening stages quickly give way to a no-holds-barred approach. Weaving balls-out electro, American noise rock, industrial techno and propulsive EBM with menacing atmospheres and even a bit of Middle Eastern mysticism, this hour-long blend isn’t for the faint of heart. Cue the frenzied dancing…

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