‘Cosmic Morphology (A Voyage Through The Casio CZ 101 Cosmic Synthesizer)’, the title track from Raphael “Whodamanny” Arcella’s solo debut, speaks volumes about an Italian producer with a penchant for the celestial. Operating from a studio fit for interplanetary expedition, his various projects both solo and with the likes of Dario di Pace (Mystic Jungle) and Enrico Fierro (Milord) put an impressive arsenal of vintage analogue gear to work. It’s a theme that is consistent across most his endeavours, whether releasing kaleidoscopic, funked-out meditations as one third of The Mystic Jungle Tribe (alongside di Pace and Fierro) or co-running Early Sounds Recordings sub-label, Periodica Records.

Casio, Roland and Korg are Whodamanny’s closest allies, but he took a step away from the synthesisers for a moment to record us this mix. Running at just under and hour and 100% vinyl from beginning to end, the selections mirror a cosmic output we’ve been treated to under his various guises.


  1. Dzyan – The Road Not Taken
  2. Takehisa Kosugi – ManoDharma (cut 1)
  3. Whodamanny – Pedestrians Traces (Unreleased)
  4. Disco & Co. – Phantom Rock
  5. Play By Numbers – Cloud Nine (Ready Mix)
  6. Love Robot – Slaves Of Pleasure
  7. Takehisa Kosugi – Mano Dharma (cut 2)
  8. Motorbass – Neptune
  9. Kid Baltan – The Ray Makers (cut)
  10. Teisutis Makačinas – Prie Atminimų Upės
  11. Metro Area – Honey Circuit
  12. Equip – XXXO
  13. Chris Korda – Sex Is Good
  14. Pablo Toto – I Wanna Come in Your Mouth
  15. 3 Kid Baltan – The Ray Makers (cut 2)

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