In contrast to his quiet demeanour, Jonny 5‘s musical exploits are bold, unconventional and brimming with playful eccentricities. Specialising in the cut n’ paste, a recent 12″ under his Blindsign project stirred dense atmospheres, slamming tom drums and alluring vocals into a potent brew fired with shamanic fervour and cosmic intrigue. He’s been around the block a few times, contributing to the esteemed Infinite State Machine blog and appearing on I-F’s now defunct internet radio station, Cybernetic Broadcasting System. These days, however, the Brixton-based selector is best known for a consistent stream of oddball edits rolled out on labels like Bahnsteig 23 and the Power Station subsidiary, Power Cuts.

While occasionally indulging a fondness for dub, this mix follows in a similar vein to the Blindsign shows on another I-F-curated broadcasting platform, Intergalactic FM. As expected, there’s no shortage of strange and evocative music as Jonny masterfully traverses genres. Preferring to remain in the moment, beat-matching was sacrificed for selection, covering many bases over a 75-minute duration. Of course there are the Neue Deutsche Welle, post-punk and cosmic sounds we’ve grown accustomed to, with Jonny throwing in a couple of edits he’s still working on for good measure.

Jonny 5’s Blindsign EP is out now on Pleasure Wave – buy the vinyl here.

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