Glasgow is a house and techno city, there are no two ways about it. Rubadub, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Numbers; the various Glaswegian institutions to leave their mark on the horizon of British electronic music in recent times are steeped in tradition of those aforementioned genres. That’s not to say the place is lacking when it comes to originality. Specialising in face-melting techno and immersive, synth laden house excursions, West End Communications have succeeded in carving out their own identity with some stellar releases.

We recently premiered a track from Marshal Brill’s stunning debut and now head honcho Kyle WEC has been kind enough to deliver a killer mix. Sprinkling a blend of acid techno, shimmering house and even a bit of jungle with a few West End Communication originals, it’s the full-throttle sort of affair we’ve come to expect from our Caledonian friends. Scroll to the bottom for the tracklist.


??? – ???

Pan Sonic – Hapatus (JG Wilkes edit)  [Optimo]

Chris Caiazzo – Lowbrow [Work Them]

Primitive World – Azimuth (L/F/D/M remix)

Gesloten Cirkel – Charming  [Murder Capital]

Perth Drug Legend – Hunters House Party  [WEC006]

Unit T. – Archway Epiphany  [SMS001]

H&M – Real Life  [Axis]

The Burrell Connection – Wildlife  [I Walked By Night]

Ludgate Squatter – Malfunction  [SMS002]

Tsundr – Hype Collector

Tsunga – Maris Piper  [Black Acre]

Rachael – Okada (DJ Sotofett remix)  [Hotline]

Clouds – Neck Metal  [???]


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