Kasper “Tandoor'” Marott is the principal artist, resident DJ and flag-bearer for Twin Cities, the Danish crew running a party and label out of Copenhagen. A Red Bull Music Academy inductee in 2015, he’s enjoyed something of a meteoric rise, but the fascination with dance music goes back a lot further; the Dane began flirting with production aged 13 while he lived on the family farm in a tiny rural town. Never one to let the isolated nature of his youth get in the way either, Marott’s teenage years included converting the pig barn into a makeshift club.

The Danish producer has demonstrated his versatility tenfold since christening the Twin Cities label last year – impeccably-arranged tribal workout or radiant, multi-layered dream sequence, Marott’s adaptability is undeniable. True to form, his genre-hopping mix joins the dots between the dancefloor-friendly and a more expansive and esoteric set of sounds, cruising through ambient, IDM, drum & bass, house and techno.

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