Nestled in an enclave of the deeply suburban Herne Hill, there’s a semi-regular knees up with a reputation for taking risks in the dance. The enclave in question, a railway arch, the party, none other than The Occasional Feel-Good, where you’ll find residents Daniel Ghazvinie and William Smith aka Leisureware playing all manner of oddities through the night.

William also has a monthly show on the Peckham-based Balamii Radio, serving up a melange of cosmic treats, ambient excursions and general otherworldliness. Airing on Saturdays, the Leisureware show is suitable listening for both those looking to soothe their hangover and the brave souls seeking to stave of reality for another few hours – it’s little wonder that we’ve had the archived recordings on rotation recently.

Having thoroughly enjoyed his excellent ‘No Kicks’ series, we couldn’t resist asking William to contribute a mix. A gentle ascent into the starry ether, the two-hour recording plays more like a mixtape, dipping into an assortment of sounds that evoke words like “palatial,” “ethereal” and “alluring.” Expect steels pans, woozy pads, avante-garde strands of kosmische musik and an ultra-slowed-down version of Creta Kano’s ‘Skyway 81’.

Leisureware is playing Peckham Rye Music Festival on Saturday 14th May. Catch him from 3pm at the Bussey Rooftop Bar.

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