Louis Bataille, AKA Low Bat, cuts a curious, enigmatic figure on the fringes of the Berlin scene. The French expat, now living in the German capital, is typically found soundtracking the dimly lit basements of Neukölln with tripped-out, transportive oddities. BFDM affiliate and booker at Arkaoda, a venue located in a former East Berlin bowling alley, he’s also the founder of the Night Travel on a Blanket parties and LYL Radio show of the same name – between the two, he’s hosted the likes of OKO DJ, Khidja and Knekelhuis founder Mark van de Maat.

Bataille also makes music. Self-described as the coming together of four “psychosomatic weirdos,” he belongs to fledgling supergroup Jean-Luc. A multi-national collaboration with Luc Bersier, Leonard Prochazka and Ariel Garcia, the debut release release found a perfect home on van de Maat’s ever-expansive Knekelhuis imprint. Touching on new wave, punk and neo-folk krautrock, it was a boundaryless introduction to the four-piece, and this mix treads a similar sonic path.

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