Bringing their own distinctive aesthetic and a unique voice to Melbourne’s already vibrant club scene, Power Station‘s weekly parties distill a mixture of EBM, new beat, new wave and similarly 80s-tinged sounds through a contemporary techno filter. Far from being all about the peak time though, resident selector and “everybody’s favourite pop up accountant” Elliot Ofmarco is right at the heart of the event co-run by Michael Delaney and the fraternal duo of Kris and Dan Baha.

Power Station recently launched a record label, but whether Elliot will contribute with any releases of his own remains to be seen. That said, he did contribute to their free edits series, taking a song he heard while tuned into Melbourne-based smooth specialists Gold 104.3 and transforming it into a percussive EBM workout.

Busy lubricating hips since Power Station’s inception, the warmup specialist is opting for a change in scenery, swapping Australia’s sunny climes for the unpredictable weather patterns of Europe. With his impending arrival, we got Elliot on board for a mix that gives a lesson in how to move a crowd with a bag full of oddities and an uncompromising attitude. Armed with a record collection that goes deeper than the average, this guy should be on the radar of booking agents across the continent.

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