Job Sifre plays music intended for dark basements. The Netherlands boasts a long-standing tradition of hard-edged, no-nonsense dance music, and cut from the same cloth as Intergalactic Gary and I-F, the Dutchman finds himself at the forefront of a new generation championing this sound. Bridging gaps between dancefloor-friendly and the challenging or esoteric, this guy has come a long way since the nights spent pouring drinks at BAR Rotterdam.

Influenced by the Dadaist avant-garde, Sifre’s Antikunst show on Red Light Radio pulls together ’80s industrial, EBM, electro, new wave and DIY underground electronics – each show travels through imagined dystopian futures in a semi-regular celebration of music “that isn’t classically perceived as ‘beautiful’.” But where his radio broadcasts lean heavily on the sounds of yesteryear, outings on Interstellar Funk’s Artificial Dance label and Amsterdam’s Knekelhuis imprint push familiar tropes into new and unexpected directions. Distilling the spirit of those endeavours into accelerated BPMs, Sifre’s mix demonstrates what to expect should he grace a dark basement near you.

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