‘Eerie’ and ‘off-kilter’ are terms that crop up time and again when people talk about Ellen King, AKA ELLLL. She has drawn comparisons with the likes of Batu, Beatrice Dillon, Ciel and Gas, but whether peddling UK-sounding hybrid forms or something more sentimental and cinematic, the Cork-born, Berlin-Based artist has cultivated an intriguing sound that’s entirely her own.

Where ELLLL appears to take several pitstops along hardcore continuum as her reference points for Confectionary and Febreeze, 2019’s Glisten came bearing perfumed exercises in total immersion. Here is an artist just as comfortable hurtling towards greater degrees of abstraction as she is turning out something guaranteed to move a dancefloor.

Co-founding Gash Collective, ELLLL has also taken significant strides to push for greater diversity in her hometown scene. Very much flying the flag for her native Ireland, we have distinct pleasure of hosting her latest mix; a blend of dazzlingly futuristic hybrids, bass-heavy abstractions, digi-dancehall and bleeding-edge drum & bass, it showcases how a DJ can weave disparate sounds into something cohesive while leaving their own distinctive mark.

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