Joseph Kamaru, AKA KMRU, enjoyed a meteoric rise to become of one ambient’s most sought after names. The Kenya-born, Berlin-based sound artist has been regular at Uganda’s Nyege Nyege Festival for some time, not to mention being heralded as one of ’15 East African Artists You Need To Hear’ back in 2018, but a Editions Megos debut last year proved to be something of a watershed moment. Serene ambient dream sequencing of the highest order, Peel is Kamaru’s most accomplished work to date.

The Nairobi native’s output has evolved over time. Dealing in field recordings and soft but sonically detailed textures, the emotive electronica of earlier releases has been ditched in favour of delicate, multi-layered soundscapes. These are experiments in repetition and time, compelling, mournful and almost elegiac in tone. That said, KMRU productions often unfurl upon a close listen, revealing layers of brightness that previously went undetected.

Pulling together an hour of ambient and drone, this mix goes some distance towards exhibiting the full breadth and depth of the KMRU sound.

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