As explained in an Amsterdam Dance Event-produced mini-documentary, Marcelle Van Hoof “stands for freedom and she does what she wants.” Every set played is testament to this, with strong guiding principles and an idiosyncratic 3-deck approach to mixing records earning her something of a cult status.

DJ Marcelle is almost the musical equivalent of scribbling outside the lines. As far as she’s concerned, no track is too strange to be played to a dancefloor, and no two genres too disparate for a blend. The Dutch DJ plays for everything from punk, dub and avant-garde to bleeding-edge dancefloor cuts, and her original music displays a similar irreverence to genre convention.

Words like fearless, adventurous, bold and unapologetic are probably overused in the context of Marcelle, but it doesn’t stop them being accurate. In fact, we’ve seen it firsthand. Turn the clocks back to February 2020 and she had the walls of The Waiting Room dripping – literally dripping – with sweat. Complete with an elongated cowbell moment that inspired some seemingly never-ending crowd interaction, it was our last party before the world ground to an untimely halt. Seems like a lifetime ago, but this mix will keep us going a little while longer.

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