You might know Nikolay Kozlov through the unpronounceable symbol used as his primary alias. Not to be confused with the retired Russian water polo player, the Samara native also known as ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ has built his reputation on an emotive brand of ambient abstraction.

A prodigious talent, this debut at a very ripe age laid down a marker, but a maturing Kozlov truly announced himself with last year’s Motion Ward debut. High School Blues teems with a self-assured energy that belies his years, as if every decision was considered and deliberate no matter how fluid and freeform the structures might feel.

Kozlov exists in a nebulous realm at the crossroads between ambient, dub and electro-acoustic experimentation. Self-released album 20 Segment took this to new heights, and just under the hour-mark, his mix further solidifies this status.

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