Guillaume Lespinasse first came to our attention as one half of The Pilotwings. Acolytes of Lyon’s ever-irreverent and disruptive BFDM label, he and co-conspirator Louis De La Gorce, AKA Eiger Drums Propaganda, would make their name peddling oddball iterations of trance, house kosmische, zouk and Balearica in an uncompromising pursuit of the balmy and playful.

Following a slew of head-turning releases, unveiling their respective solo endeavours was the natural progression: where De La Gorce assumed the name Eiger Drums Propaganda, Lespinasse began operating under as Jonquera. Both proved an extension of their collaborative work, with a twist. For the latter, a debut effort would retain the humour of earlier releases, albeit with something of a stylistic shift, distilling the same sonic palette through a swampy, tripped-out filter.

Just a week in the making, the debut Jonquera album deviates farthest from the sounds conjured up in tandem with De La Gorce. Oscillating between the newly-coined “medieval dark-ambient”, high-def sound design and illbient, DARKOS is the imagined soundtrack to a “feudal struggle between a heretic woman and a priest in the small town of Charlieu, France.” Out soon on Bamboo Shows, it also draws attention to a sense of duality pervading the Jonquera project; the collision of shadowy Middle Age aesthetics and modern production techniques. Unsurprisingly, his mix treads a very similar path.

“I’ve been obsessed with this particular feeling in some electronic music, that I tend to call organic industrial – nothing new indeed. Spooky, uncanny territories involving perverted acoustic or amplified instruments you can encounter in many genres actually: post-punk heroes The Pop Group, late Coil or the new Eartheater album come to mind. Here the selection goes from to ’90s Lynchesque rock to a cinematic dub/folk mixture. It’s up to you to choose wether time is cyclic or linear, or even a moebius ruban?”


DARKOS is out December 10th on Bamboo Shows | Pre-order here

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