Swiss duo In Flagranti find themselves presenting a deeply satisfying disco 12” courtesy of Jonny Sender, the bassist from renowned post-punk dance band, Konk. Released on Codek Records, the record has a real sense of history behind its creation: it came into fruition as a result of Sender contributing his bass-playing skills to In Flagranti’s very own ‘Hi Pitch’, and it wasn’t long before the pair were after some original cuts from the man himself.

The A-side of this particular new release sees Sender giving us two versions of his very own jam ‘Zhivago Zhivago’. The original is a nigh-on ten minute sprawl of funky hypnosis. Utilising the producer’s friend and musical collaborator Elhadj Fall, the Senegalese vocalist speaks in his native tongue in seemingly intermittent bursts of energy, lending the song a hazy, languorous sense of momentum. Bucharest-based duo Khidja are on hand for the dub mix, and their version is very much in spiritual unification with the original – it’s adorned with flowery, bucolic synth-work this time around, as well as instrumentation which, in the words of Jonny, melds the “[electronic] sounds of east and west”.

B-side cut ‘Disco Touch’ is a reworking of the original mix, switching up the tempo with a real house inflection. It’s undeniably addictive and the followup comes courtesy of Siren, another duo in the seemingly endless list of talented pairings. Comprised of Metro Area’s Darshan Jesrani and Disques Sinthomme/Ghost Town owner, Dennis Kane, they offer up a doozy of a remix; with raucous licks, jamming rhythms and groovy overtones all round, it’s quite simply a gorgeous slice of classy dance music with genuine feeling.

Jonny Sender signs off the descriptive passage accompanying his latest 12” with a promise that 2016 will see the release of further new music and remixes – it’s safe to say that we have high hopes for whatever comes next after this latest batch.

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