It’s hard to imagine someone taking a break from producing music as punishing and abrasive as Innsyster‘s with a game of online checkers, but that’s exactly what the Brazilian producer likes to do between bursts of productivity in the studio. After all, cassette-damaged, rhythmic experiments drawing on punk, noise, techno and darkwave aren’t exactly evocative of strategic board games. Even so, it isn’t the only pastime likely to raise a few eyebrows – a reliable source informs us that he’s a self-described “professional park music listener.”

Arriving on Delroy Edwards’ L.A. Club Resource at just the right time, namely a moment when most lo-fi electronic music was at risk of being written off following a deluge of forgettable tape-saturated house, 2016’s Poison Life laid down a marker with its volatile fusion of atmosphere and grit. Out soon on Glasgow label Contort Yourself, the long-awaited followup continues much in the same vein.

In anticipation of its release, Innsyter has been kind enough to curate a playlist best listened to in your favourite park or green space.

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[Listen to all 10 tracks via the playlist above]

1. Terekke – Nuwav2

The simpler a track the more mastery there must be in it. This one evokes simplicity at the same time that it arouses a complex feeling. It’s great music accomplished with extremely limited means.

2. Fred Frith & Ensemble Modern – Freeway / Shadow of a Tree on Sand

I enjoy the silence between the notes. It’s kind of experimental orchestra stuff here, but I think it is funny anyway. This one always makes me happy. Last time I was listening to this at the park and a bird was singing exactly in the silent gaps of the music, true story, weird shit man……weird shit.

3. Egberto Gismonti – Fazendo Arte

It’s from my country (Brazil), but I only went to check this pearl a few months ago, in a friend’s apartment in Sao Paulo. When I listen to this it’s like being in love! Every part of it is wonderful in itself because it seems so alive in each part and in the making of a whole unity.

4. Pierre Bastien – Mysteriana

Music I consider that perfectly blends with the environment around you, to be appreciated in low volume, respecting and complementing the sounds of nature, wind, birds, that allows you also to hear things moving inside the woods.  

5. Chet Baker – Look For The Silver Lining

I love his sweet voice, always gives me a sensation of comfort. Perfect for a pedal boat ride on the river.

6. Jon Hassell – Toucan Ocean

This is so relaxing, it feels just like just listening to weed beginning to grow inside you. Will surely put you in touch with your forest shaman.

7. Otis G Johnson – Time To Go Home

Beautiful gospel music, strong and powerful feeling achieved without aggression, instead patience and kindness. I only discovered this a few years ago and I’ve been listening to this record ever since.

8. Sun Ra – We Must Not Say No To Ourselves

I’m constantly learning something when I listen to Sun Ra’s music and philosophy. There is always the hope of happiness, of development, that someday we may get away from these imposed dogmas and establish something that will make music in the world and make us feel natural again.

9. Xavier Jouvelet – Œuf En Clock

On this one, they seem to work under some form of organic law that intrigues me. Lovely melodies, strange twists that flows along with a complex rhythm. Without soul, music is only some sort of difficult magic trick performed as entertainment.

10. Burzum – Dunkelheit

I’m not really sure why I chose this one. I think it completes my list in a strange way. Maybe for the winter? I don’t know, don’t ask me why? Music appreciation, like love, cannot be done by proxy, it is a very personal affair.

The Magnetic Healing EP is out July 23rd on Contort Yourself – pre-order the vinyl here.


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