Walk into any reputable record store and it isn’t long before you stumble across several quality reissues. There’s almost a surplus of great music being revisited right now and a lot of it can fall under the radar if you’re not careful. The newly formed Isle Of Jura label aren’t planning on going unnoticed though, having laid out their intentions to lead from the front with the inaugural release. A staple of DJ Harvey’s sets over the years, Escape From New York’s sought-after Fire In My Heart was remastered and repackaged by the Australian label, but now they’re following it up with another top notch reissue: one that also happens to be DJ Harvey special.

Chrismar Chayell‘s It’s Never Too Hot 12″ first appeared on the now defunct Antler Records back in 1987, but Isle Of Jura make the balmy two-tracker their sophomore release. Infusing Belgian new beat rhythms with sea breeze and tropical fervour, both sides will transport you to the hidden cove of a deserted Caribbean island. Fetching a pretty penny on Discogs – no thanks to the aforementioned Harvey hype – its reissue sees Isle Of Jura emerge as a reliable outlet for rare cuts and dancefloor oddities.

It’s Never Too Hot is out soon on Isle Of Jura Records – pre-order the vinyl from Redeye or Rush Hour.

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