There’s no messing about when you call your label I Love Acid. The club night-come-record label has been standing at the forefront of the British acid scene for some time now and there’s no better person to serve up their next 12” than London-based 303 enthusiast, Jerome Hill.

As I’d begun to outline above, the label doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Squelching 303 acid lines take centre stage on all four tracks, but while all incredibly potent in their own right, it’s the closing number that stands out. Punctuated some effulgent synth stabs, the acid nuances bubble underneath, giving the track the uplifting quality rarely present on modern acid records.

Having laid out a straight-forward agenda that highlights a desire to celebrate “the sound of the Roland TB-303 and all thing Acid”, it seems as if these guys know exactly what they want to achieve and how to go about it, with minimal fuss.

ILA004 is due for a limited 12″ release early 2015.

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