“Keeping it deep since twenty fifteen,” Sydney label Outer Time Inner Space is one of the latest to emerge from a fertile Antipodean scene that’s been consistently filling column inches on our site. Label owner Hugh Burridge – AKA Hubert Clark Jr of 100% Silk and Wolf Music fame – christened his new venture handing a debut to a producer going by the name of Sean Thomas, but now the time has come to bless the fledgling label with some music of his own.

Teaming up with Melbourne’s Jon Watts for a 12″ entitled Another View, the sophomore OTIS release is markedly more eclectic than its predecessor. The title track takes the shape of a sweltering jungle cut: adorned with sultry sax, the mating call of a solitary macaque, sounds of running water and the occasional sweep of wind chime, it falls somewhere between idyllic garden setting and the deepest, most overgrown expanse of rainforest. ‘Stillness (Rings Around Saturn Dub)’ on the other hand finds itself submerged 50 fathoms beneath sea level. Delay-soaked chords chime out on the half-step, illuminating a path through the inky black as a viscous arrangement of tumbling percussion and ebbing low-end rocks back and forth.

Flip the record over and we make the transition from exotic wilderness and watery dub atmospheres to the smokey, broken beat rhythms of B1’s ‘Feel Low’. Alluring and seductive, the drum patterns sound like they could have been lifted from a broken beat record and combined with the subtle licks of synth, you could easily pass it off as some fresh 2000Black material. Delay effects are used liberally once again on the closing track. Elongating balmy Rhodes chords and an effervescent synth hook, the swinging house groove rounds off a release that traverses genres effortlessly.

Another View is out now on Outer Time Inner Space – buy the vinyl here.

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