Initiating the Warsaw-based Brutaż label with a 12” under his own name, London’s Jules Venturini – who has previously released music under the alias of Catch – finds himself delivering a batch of tracks which are heavy on both feeling and rhythm in equal measure.

‘No Reference’ is a moody cyberpunk affair. Highly competent electro which manoeuvres its dystopian landscape with genuine verve and tenacity, it is atmospherically aided by some guttural percussion which helps push things forward to their eventual conclusion. ‘Nothing Ever Changes’ repeats its rather morose mantra to no end, which is strikingly set up against a hopeful and serene sound bed of ethereal pads. All-in-all, it makes for a befuddling yet highly intriguing audible contrast.

Final cut ‘Selector’s Roll’ is the true standout of the EP, with its blissful synths gradually evolving into a classy melody which is legitimately infectious and engrossing – its eight minute runtime seems to fly by, which certainly speaks volumes. Overall, the three tracks are indicative of an emerging talent: he seems to traverse a whole range of human emotion in just under twenty minutes of material, which bodes should we receive something more substantial to sink our teeth into going forward. For now though, these’ll most certainly do.

Brutaż-01 is out now and available via Poland’s Monoton store, with copies expected at Juno soon.

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