A self-proclaimed “visual learner”, Marsellus Wallace‘s fascination with library music was born from excessive watching of educational documentaries as a kid. Examples from the ’70s and ’80s resonated in particular through their engrossing soundtracks, eventually sowing the initials seeds that would inspire him to become a DJ. Trying to rekindle an essence of the feeling those soundtracks gave him, discovering the soothing Under Water library compilations proved a significant moment – before long Wallace was busy buying every nature documentary LP he could find, paving the way to releasing this mixtape on San Francisco imprint, Origin Peoples.

Originally intended to soundtrack Mother Nature at her most fascinating, without context some of the music compiled here seems like a suitable soundtrack for forgotten James Bond love scene or the film adaptation of a spacefaring Arthur C. Clarke novel. Described as a “guilty pleasure mix,” Our Beautiful World (Music Dedicated to Our Inner Space) takes cues from the pastoral qualities of British library music, captivating listeners with rousing flute, walking bass lines, Rhodes piano and birdsong.

Our Beautiful World is out now on Origin Peoples – buy the tape here.

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