Founded in 2014, Banoffee Pies found its feet incredibly quickly with stellar releases from artists too multiple to fit into an intro. Their penchant for putting multiple producers on one release continues with BP005, equipping the fifth contribution to their “originals series” with tracks from LiemEddie Ness of the Lehult imprint and Track29’s AC$.

Liem & Eddie’s EP opener ‘Formula Rossa’ is a theme-park of a track and despite being named after the world’s fastest roller-coaster, it remains at a mellow 120bpm. Sitting somewhere between techno and ambient, rhythmic echoes punctuate a climbing synth-line, paving the way for some delicate hi-hat work to provide a foundation. A distinctive clap checks in and out of the soundscape as cosmic air-raid sirens sit in the back of the mix rising and falling. Second track ‘The Smiler’, of Alton Towers fame, follows a similar sonic signature. Patterns swell and descend throughout the track, eventually breaking down into an pleasant steel drum riff that stays with the song from there on out. The unexpected drop that feels certainly more Congo River than Oblivion, but also what makes it the stand-out track of this release.

This EP is a tale of two halves as Track29’s AC$ takes a deeper turn on his flip-side. Triplets of claps and squelchy synths give a greater urgency to B1’s frankly named ‘Analog Bass’ as the track eventually breaks into classic 303 acid territory. A more frenetic acid jam, B2’s ‘Tascam’ gives a rye wink towards what recording gear the Portland producer must have in his rack. Offering dark synth riffs that appear and retreat ominously against arrhythmic hi-hats, it would be comfortable in the latter stages of a dark DJ set.

This one has all the hallmarks of Banoffe Pies’ usual quality, and should be noted for it’s variety of sound. Fans of the label will find no reason to stop being so with this release, although DJs will certainly find themselves preferring one side to the other.

BP005 is out now on Banoffee Pies – buy the vinyl direct from the label.

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