Born between 1980 and 1995? If you were, it’s likely you’ll have fond memories of marathon sessions playing games like Tekken and Gran Tourismo on the first Playstation. Hit play on Basco‘s Gamebient mix and it all comes flooding back with an iconic startup sound that once spelt hours lost staring at a TV screen as you tried to K.O. that final boss or unlock the engine upgrade for your Subaru Impreza.

For some of us, video games are among the most evocative and nostalgia-inducing reminders of a misspent youth at the controls of a games console, and largely due to the incredible soundtracks. Clearly we’re no different to the generations of gamers that came before or after either, as the Berlin-based selector makes clear with a blend of ambient video game scores he uploaded to Soundcloud last month.

Traversing through ambient soundscapes new and old, Basco’s blend features music from classics like Silent Hill 2, newer titles including Sword & Sworcery and Minecraft, and it’s possibly one of the most nostalgic things you’ll ever have the pleasure of wrapping your ears around.

[via FACT Magazine]

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