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ROOF.FM Nr. 92: Andy Rantzen

Following some dub and ambient-focused releases on labels like Efficient Space, Ken Oath Records and Longform Editions, Andy Rantzen gets back to the techno sounds we’re more accustomed to from the Australian.


Orphic Tracks w/ guest Brian Not Brian

Kicking off just over halfway through, Going Good boss Brian Not Brian joins Origin Peoples on the Dublab airwaves to meditate on “ambient/nature inspired” sonics.


Ambien Baby – Alejados

Recorded back in 2017, Alejandos is a collaborative ambient composition from Ambien Baby, AKA Canadian duo D. Tiffany and NAP. From eerie beginnings courtesy of NAP to D. Tiffany’s full-on, blissful immersion, it isn’t a mix, but it’s more than worth your time.


Digital Tsunami 161 – Bogdan Dražić

GDANSE!/Out The Flat co-founder and recent Trilogy Tapes debutant Bogdan Dražić plays Coil, Severed Heads, Lenny D and plenty more on the 161st Digital Tsunami mix.


Blowing Up The Workshop 100 ◆ Jack Chrysalis

London’s Jack Chrysalis helps Blowing Up The Workshop celebrate reaching a landmark 100 mixes with a conscious-expanding blend.

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