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IA MIX 271 Beau Wanzer 

Dispatching a mutant blend for the Inverted Audio mix series, Beau Wanzer channels “EBM, screwed-up industrial, broken hip-hop and further unidentified electronics.” Challenging perceptions surrounding home listening and conventional mix formats, this probably ain’t the one to stick on if you’re picking up the pieces from a heavy weekend.


MDC.184 Steele Bonus

Antipodean oddity connoisseur Steele Bonus on the buttons for Melbourne Deepcast, also answering a few questions for an accompanying interview.

“I recorded the mix at the Red Light Radio studio on a Sunday when they are closed. I just went in there with a tote bag filled with some of the stuff I’ve been listening to and playing out plus a few new records I’d picked up that particular weekend. 90s techno, electro, emotional synth pop, records played on the wrong speed, Italian house, new-beat and various other odds and ends. The opening track is by an old New Zealand band Headless Chickens, thanks Michael K for showing me that one.”



Alluring, meditative and with a distinctly Japanese flavour, Spencer Doran of Visible Cloaks journeyed through  an hour’s worth of ambient, synth-pop, modern classical and new age for Sanpo Disco.


FHUO # 12 // DJ Speculator

With mixes from Fett Burger and Rings Around Saturn under its belt, “anti-club social” For Home Use Only turns to DJ Speculator AKA Willie Burns for the twelfth instalment. Jacking house cuts to wavey bits, experimental electronics and synth-fuelled boogie, there’s a little something for everyone inside.


Andy Rantzen and Paul Mac – set for Body Motion / NTS Radio

One-time collaborators as Itch-E & Scratch-E, Andy Rantzen and Paul Mac link up for a guest appearance on Body Motion‘s NTS show, plundering Rantzen’s back catalogue but reaching for some unreleased material alongside. Weirdo electronics for those that know.

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