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Wire Mix: Bokeh Versions

Exploratory manoeuvres from Miles Opland as the Bokeh Versions founder loads a mix for The Wire with unreleased nuggets.

“Lots of unreleased, exclusive and forthcoming bits on Bokeh and Global/Avon Terror Corps plus some obscure Japanese flexidisc goth I had to rip off YouTube. Lots of samples from Robocop SNES loading screens, 80s LA radio spots and my playlist of shoegaze interludes. I have mostly just been listening to goth and sludge and deathrock until some dub comes along that’s better than TNT Roots – and this mix is a total reflection of that yearning.”


Crack Mix 298 – Sherelle

London-based DJ Sherelle keeps things bumping along at 160BPM+ with a breakneck blend of jungle and footwork.


IA MIX 312 Don’t DJ

Don’t DJ traverses leftfield techno, weirdo dancehall, Middle Eastern timbres on the 312th Inverted Audio mix.


People and Places 016: JEANS

JEANS brings lysergic throb, cerebral electro and sweltering breaks to the People and Places mix series.


Daisychain 083 – Ceremonies

Skee Mask, Solid Blake, Fatima Al Qadiri and many more feature on this bass-heavy excursion from Toronto-based DJ Ceremonies.

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