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Dance Mania takeover on Rinse FM

Legendary Chi-town outfit Dance Mania administering the rough and ready house sounds of Chicago on Rinse FM with a full complement of crew members in tow.


MDC.185: Gunnar Haslam

L.I.E.S. and Bunker NY mainstay Gunnar Haslam explores the stranger fringes of New York house music with a blend for the Melbourne Deepcast gang.

“I wanted to put together a mix that was a bit slower and housier than usual, but that was still psychedelic and dubbed-out. New York is well known for its more upbeat house cuts (Todd Terry, Masters At Work, Strictly Rhythm, DJ Duke, etc.), but I wanted to represent some of the weirder sides of NY/NJ house – the stuff that was a major influence to me growing up.”


Left Alone.19→ Heap (Discus Throwers / NEUBAU)

Programming some of the best parties the Big Smoke has to offer, London-based promoters Left Alone also curate a killer mix series. Committed to pushing the brutalist sound of Vienna, Neubau co-founder Heap was found on the buttons for the 19th instalment.


Hypnotic Groove Mix #191 – Borai

Bristolian rave savant Borai doesn’t pull any punches with his warehouse-ready contribution to Hypnotic Groove‘s podcast series.


GGHQ Mix #40 : Hani Hanbali (Heavenly / Sydney)- ‘The Bits That Move Together’

Oddball transmissions straight out of Sydney as Going Good Records enlist the services of Hani Hanbali. He doesn’t disappoint, rolling out 60-odd minutes worth of experimental electronics, industrial weight, dubby rollers and cosmic emissions.

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