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Reclaiming The Club: A Panel Talk About Queer Activism

Ari Robey-Lawrence, Gavin Rayna Russom and Luis-Manuel Garcia give insight and share their experiences at a panel talk Dance with Pride recently held about queer culture ‘reclaiming the club’.

“The Balls in Brooklyn are shared ritual, dancing together is shared ritual, taking drugs together is shared ritual, standing in line together is shared ritual. When we talk together while standing in the lines, we are creating communities.”


Recordings of Lente Kabinet Festival 2018

Tzusing, DJ Assault, Alexander Robotnik, Phuong-Dan and Bufiman (AKA Jan Schulte) feature amongst the 27 sets recorded at the 7th edition of Amsterdam’s Lente Kabinet festival.


Store Mix 024 I Lipelis Digs Rush Hour

Moscow-based DJ, producer and edit don Leonid Lipelis (AKA Beard In Dust & TMO) playing records found while digging in the Rush Hour store.


Sleep Mix Volume 12 (Mixed By Katzele)

Malka Tuti co-founder Katzele dips stitches together a meditative blend of “incredible lucid-trance, sandman sloth and self help records” for the Dreems-curated ‘Sleep Mix’ series.


subbh18 w/ΚΕΜΑΛ BH

KΕΜΑΛ took control for the first hour of a recent Subbed Out broadcast, the blending amorphous, mutant strains we’ve come to expect the from Berceuse Heroique bossman.

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