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Príncipe: DJ Lycox

DJ Lycox, AKA Príncipe‘s kizomba aficionado, administering an hour of sweltering music for Crack Magazine.


Georgia’s J.Tripp on radio.syg.ma

Fragmented rhythms, dubby timbres and ambience washes coalesce as J.Tripp of Georgia fame guests for radio.syg.ma.


Nits de la Tramuntana #26 w/ Ultrafog

Dramatic in places, dreamy in others, Ultrafog plays experimental electronics from the likes of Florian T M Zeisig, Phil Struck, Serwed and Ben Bondy.


DJ Mantis – Heartstyle #1

DJ Mantis kicks off a new PRR! PRR! series dedicated to the faster fringes of the hardcore continuum.


Anna Funk Damage says Yes.

Anna Funk Damage‘s contribution to the YES mix series couldn’t get more industrial if it tried.

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